Chiropractor in Mount Laurel

Are you looking for chiropractic services in Mount Laurel, New Jersey? At Rise Chiropractic, we approach each patient according to their unique health needs.

We understand that every chiropractic patient comes to us with different situations, needs, and objectives. This is important to us as our experts will discuss all of this with you to ensure that you get the care you need. After your patient assessment, we can put together the right plan of care. 

Chiropractor in Mount Laurel, New Jersey
How can a Chiropractor in Mount Laurel help you?

What We Offer

We provide the following chiropractic services to residents in the Mount Laurel area:

General Chiropractic Care

Our team of experienced chiropractors and staff have the skills coupled with experience to help you assist patients with a wide range of conditions. Most people think chiropractors only do adjustments, but we can help with different health issues that cause discomforts such as:

– Neck Pain

– Back Pain

– Nerve Issues

– Headaches

– Acid reflux

– Sciatica

– Sinus issues


– Allergies

– And many more

Pediatric Care

Body and spine trauma and stress may begin as early as delivery. Difficult births or cesarean sections may often result in newborns being misaligned. 

Because newborns communicate only by crying, discomfort is often not recognized, as babies cry for almost everything. Colic is also a frequent symptom that we encounter in newborns. 

Chiropractic care has been proven to be one of the most effective conventional therapies for infants suffering from colic and other misalignment issues

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

When the sacrum is misaligned, bodily movement is limited. This may result in pelvic muscle and ligament stiffness, as well as uterine constriction. Pelvic misalignments, if untreated, may impair the soft tissue that supports the womb and the vaginal opening. 

This may be uncomfortable for pregnant women and may prevent the baby from entering the typical head-down position in preparation for birth, which may lead to dystocia (difficult labor).

When the Webster Technique is used, the main goal is to alleviate dysfunction and promote normal pelvic mobility. As a result, neuro-biomechanical function in the sacral/pelvic area is enhanced, which benefits all expectant women.

Severe Back Pain Relief 

If a vertebra in your spine slides out of place, it may place additional unwanted strain on the spinal cord and accompanying nerves. 

This condition is referred to as a vertebral subluxation complex. The brain is unable to connect with its target location of the body because of the strain on the nerves. 

At Rise Chiropractic, we work to eliminate these subluxations, which improve communication between the brain and the rest of the body, allowing the body to repair itself from within.

Chiropractic Care for Athletic Injuries

Misalignments and minor injuries may place more stress on an athlete’s body, resulting in further injuries. Getting adjusted on a regular basis maintains the musculoskeletal system’s function, increasing its resistance to harm. 

Adjustments also assist in ensuring that all bones and tissues are properly aligned. This creates more room and blood flow, allowing the body to mend properly and efficiently. 

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