Dr. Shane Becker, D.C.

  • Dr. Shane grew up in Cinnaminson, New Jersey where he played pop-warner football all the way up through Cinnaminson High School. Dr. Shane grew up with constant headaches, and a compromised immune system. As a young teenager Dr. Shane began training excessively, which resulted in shoulder pain as well as lower back pain. In high school he also had two unexpected deaths in his family. These unfortunate events lead to huge physical and emotional stress, resulting in the diagnoses of a digestive issue known as IBS. After receiving chiropractic care he not only experienced relief from his aches and pains but also noticed that he was not getting sick as often and in a life changing turn of events he was no longer experiencing symptoms of IBS.

  • After studying and realizing the connection between chiropractic care and overall healing he decided that if more people understood and utilized chiropractic care, there would be less need for drugs and surgery, resulting in happier, healthier communities. In that way, the world is changed. From that point forward Dr. Shane made it his life mission to serve his community by providing specific objectively based chiropractic care.

  • Dr. Shane has extensive training in chiropractic care for pediatrics and pregnant women. His knowledge of the human body allows him to provide the highest quality care. Dr. Shane is also Certified Advanced Proficient in Torque Release Technique. Torque Release Technique has been proven through research to be the most specific, scientific chiropractic technique utilized today. This gentle and specific technique ensures that practice members of any age can receive scientifically reproducible chiropractic adjustments.


Melissa Borek

  • Melissa is originally from Northern Delaware. She is the oldest sister of 3 awesome brothers. After getting married, Melissa moved to northeast Philadelphia, where she still lives with her spouse and yellow Labrador Retriever. Melissa enjoys reading (and rereading) the Harry Potter series, taking her Labrador, Angus, on long hikes, spending quality time with her spouse, baking, and staying involved with the Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Program. Previously, Melissa was a Pet Trainer as well as a mortgage processor but always knew her background in Biology would lead her down a different path. Melissa is overjoyed to be apart of the Rise Chiropractic Team, as she can personally attest to the health and healing that Chiropractic can provide. Above all, Melissa enjoys educating the community on benefits of Chiropractic and its overall affect on the nervous system.


Courtney Jacot

  • Courtney is originally from Philadelphia, PA. She is passionate about health and wellness, and has a background in nutritional counseling. Growing up, Courtney suffered from poor health and chronic illnesses. As an adult she became very interested in healthy living and has experienced many benefits from chiropractic care, such as improved immunity and relief from digestive issues. Courtney is a self proclaimed foodie, and enjoys spending her free time exploring cities and trying new foods. If she had to describe herself in one word, it would be sociable.