Let’s Break it Down!

Health History
Welcome to Rise! To best serve you, first we will need a full health history. Feel free to print out the paperwork by clicking below and fill it out ahead of time.
One-on-One Consultation
At your one-on-one consultation we will discuss health issues, concerns, and goals. This in-depth consultation will allow us to uncover past traumas and determine the cause of your health issues.
Specific Scientific Chiropractic Assessment
We use our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to determine the root cause of your health issues. If necessary, we have the ability to take Chiropractic Postural Specific X-rays in our on-site digital X-Ray suite.
Report of Findings
After we have thoroughly evaluated all areas of your Chiropractic Assessment and your Chiropractic Postural X-rays, we will develop a customized corrective care plan for you. At your report of findings we will go over the specifics of care in our office and our team will individually review our findings with you so you understand exactly how we designed your plan specifically for you!
Road to Healing
Start on your path to achieving your optimal health potential!
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