Why is chiropractic care important during my pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your body undergoes many physiological and hormonal changes due to the baby, and your body preparing for birth. As the baby develops, your center of gravity starts to shift forward, increasing the curve of your low back, placing more strain on the low back, spine, joints, and hips. Relaxin (a hormone produced during pregnancy) relaxes your joints increasing mobility and decreasing stability. A combination of extra stress on your body and an increase in relaxin can often exacerbate previous conditions.

Our doctor(s) are certified in Webster Technique to ensure safe and effective care throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Chiropractor
Webster Technique
Webster Technique helps restore proper motion in the pelvis.

When the sacrum misaligns, motion is restricted. This can cause tightening of pelvic muscles, ligaments, and uterus constraint. If ignored, pelvic misalignments can hinder soft tissue which supports the uterus and the pelvic opening. This can cause discomfort for expecting mothers and can potentially interfere with the baby assuming the normal head-down position in preparation for delivery, which can contribute to dystocia(difficult labor).

When Webster Technique is utilized, the primary focus is to reduce dysfunction and encourage proper motion in the pelvis. Resulting in improved Neuro Biomechanical function in the sacral/pelvic region, benefiting all pregnant mothers.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy

  • Maintaining a healthy pregnancy
  • Controlling symptoms of nausea
  • Encouraging optimal fetal positioning through proper pelvic alignment & supporting natural labor
  • Reducing pelvic and round ligament discomfort
  • Pelvic alignment & balance
  • Reducing preeclampsia
  • Reducing labor time
  • Reducing the likelihood of Cesarean & instances of dystocia (difficult labor)
  • Reducing the need for pain medication
  • Less incidence of postpartum depression
  • More comfort while breastfeeding
  • Greater production of breastmilk & less neck, back, and joint pain
  • Less back labor
Benefits of Chiropractic Care

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