Jessica W.

I’ve been doing CrossFit for 7 years, and this is the longest I’ve gone without having any back pain during a workout. I am finally feeling supported by my body! I love not feeling like I have to stop my workout or alter my workouts to accommodate the pain. I feel like I can lift heavier and perform better as an athlete.”

Tahir A.

When I first walked into the office, it was with a cane in my hand and I was on pain medication just to get through the day. I had to sit frequently, as standing and walking for too long would be uncomfortable. Today, I can’t even remember where my cane is! I have not had to take medications, and I walked around the mall for two hours yesterday with no pain. I can play with my kids, go for walks, and live my life, and I can’t even remember the pain I used to feel. I am so thankful for Rise Chiropractic and what Dr. Shane has done for my life!

Garrett R.

I struggled so much before getting adjusted. At times, it was hard getting out of bed, breathing, and even laughing! I was in constant agonizing pain and I am so forever thankful for the Rise Chiropractic Team! Honestly, they are the best. I could not imagine my life without them and how much they impacted my everyday activities.

Jeremy N.

For me, it’s all about performance. I love sports, especially wakeboarding, and I’ve noticed that chiropractic care has helped with my performance overall. I rebound and recover MUCH more quickly. I don’t get very sore when I work out anymore, and I just feel overall better.

Anthony J.

Sciatic pain is what originally brought me to Rise. At the time, I would have to immediately lie down after school or work, and I could not do the things I enjoy, like running or playing basketball. Now, I am back to living the life that I had before the sciatic pain. I am able to work at a job where I can be on my feet all day without being in pain and I can do all the things the pain used to hold me back from.

Mellonae M.

For starters, I can sway my hips back and forth! I could never do that before. Also, when I first came in, my allergies and asthma made it so hard to breathe. Thanks to my adjustments, I can breathe again, I can sleep at night, and I just feel so great!

Maya M.

I started coming to Rise because of my shoulder pain. Being an athlete, I did not want pain to hold me back from performing at my best, but I couldn’t even sit in a chair without my shoulders hurting. Now, I can apply pressure to my shoulders and sit comfortably in a chair. That might not seem like a big deal to some, but it’s HUGE for me.